Zhanshi teaches effective Wing Chun based self defence.
Members of Cobra Martial Arts Association, our instructors
are enhanced DBS checked, fully insured and first aid trained.

Our dynamic and realistic approach has attracted students from a variety of other martial arts including Karate,
Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing, adding a diverse wealth of knowledge to our class.

We run mixed sessions for ages 11 years plus. Beginners are always welcome and students
can progress at their own pace in a friendly and supportive environment.



Saturday mornings 11.00 — 12.00

Yate International Academy, Sundridge Park, Yate, Bristol BS37 4HB

First lesson is FREE, then pay as you train: £6.00 a session

Annual membership including licence and insurance: £30.00 (payable after 2 sessions)

Modern facilities with plenty of FREE parking

A typical class starts with a light warm up and traditional forms training in Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kil & Bil Tze.

We then practice individual techniques before moving on to applied partner drills and Wing Chun's unique training methods of Chi Sau, Lok Sau and feeding techniques simulating real life attacks.

Striking power and fitness is developed through high intensity focus pad work to finish each session.



Wing Chun is a previously secretive style of Kung Fu originating from the Shaolin Temple in Southern China. A concept-based martial art
and form of self-defence, this close-quarters system utilises the natural weapons of the body such as fingers, elbows and knees.
When used properly, this direct style can be used to overcome a much larger and physically stronger opponent.

During the Ching Dynasty (1662–1722), the Shaolin monastery had become very powerful through their Kung Fu training. Fearing an uprising,
the oppressive Manchurian government sent troops to destroy the monastery, but all attempts were repelled by the formidable fighting skills
of the Shaolin monks.

Eventually the Manchu Emperors were successful after they were helped by a traitorous monk who started a fire from inside the monastry forcing everyone to flee. Only a small amount of monks and disciples managed to escape the onslaught of the Manchurian army, amongst
them were four monks and a nun, all elders of the Shaolin Temple who came to be known as 'The Venerable Five'. Abbess Ng Mui was the
eldest and most proficient in Kung Fu and was to become the creator of the Wing Chun system.

Following the destruction of the Shaolin Temple, Ng Mui wandered the country before settling at the White Crane Temple on Tai Leung Mountain. During this time she reflected on the Shaolin Kung Fu style and began to refine the system, stripping away the performance aspects and concentrating on the practical application of the techniques. Ng Mui began developing a style based on the principle of winning at
all costs with the emphasis being placed on relaxation and sudden contraction rather than muscular strength and flexibility.

Legend says that one day Ng Mui witnessed a fight between a Snake and a Crane, the direct striking of the snake and the simultaneous
blocking and striking of the Crane inspired her to incorporate these concepts into the new style.

Ng Mui later befriended a young woman named Yim Wing Chun. Yim had attracted the attentions of a local warlord called Wong,
who attempted to bully her into marriage. Ng Mui decided to help and took Yim to the White Crane Temple where she spent three years
teaching her the newly developed style of Kung Fu. Yim studied religiously and mastered the new style becoming Ng Mui’s first and
only disciple. Yim returned to her village and challenged Wong to open hand combat, she defeated the bully with devastating effect.
Ng Mui named her new style after Yim and the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu as we know it today had its name.

Wing Chun has been passed down through generations from master to student and practitioners have further refined the system, but always maintaining the core principles of the art. The late Grandmaster Ip Man was responsible for bringing Wing Chun to the forefront of popular
martial arts, he was the first to openly teach this style, initially in Foshan, China and then later in Hong Kong. Ip Man had many students,
the most famous being the legendary film star Bruce Lee.


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